Seven Underappreciated Female Lifestyle Youtubers You Ought to Subscribe to

YouTube is now more than just a platform for sharing videos online. YouTube started out as a simple video sharing website, but it has quickly grown into the second most popular website on the internet, behind only (same thing basically). Along the way, it has given rise to a number of rather prominent figures, well-known figures who have earned millions of dollars through endorsements, advertising, and the manufacture of their own products. Names that everyone is familiar with or has at least heard of.

When Google combined the power of its algorithms with the innovation and effectiveness of the original YouTube, content creators like PewDiePie and the Paul brothers were given the opportunity to take their video production to the next level, which resulted in them gaining a large number of subscribers and the ability to profit from advertisements. Creative subcultures have also flourished as a direct result of YouTube, with channels such as the mega-girl known as SuperCar Blondie finding the world’s rarest vehicles and garnering a following of 6.5 million people.

There are some YouTubers who are not as well-known, notably women (guys, please excuse the bias), but create content that is equally as entertaining and educational. Regrettably, with the exception of completely specialized brands, the seven female YouTube creators provide lifestyle material that is invariably worth the viewer’s time. They might not be as well known as some of the most popular YouTube creators, but if you give them a chance, they will quickly become ingrained in your way of life.

If you don’t acquire an experienced paper writer to work on your assignment, however, it’s likely that you won’t have the time to visit their blogs. You’ll be too busy. It can be difficult to find spare time, and this might be the only opportunity you have. Anyway, if you do have the time and opportunity, make sure you immediately subscribe to these nine female YouTube creators.

Elena Taber

She promotes herself in the industry as a content producer who is headquartered in New York and says that she is “a Californian at heart.” Her blog is both instructive and exploratory, focusing on topics such as financial literacy, thrifting, camping, and health through the medium of food recipes. Additionally, she instructs you on how to conserve money, which is extremely helpful if you are a student in college. Join Elena on her many adventures across the world as she demonstrates how to have your best, most successful life while maintaining a positive attitude.


Although XoReni does not have one million subscribers, the guidance that she provides based on her life experiences at a relatively young age certainly has the value of one million dollars. You will discover wonderful tips on financial literacy here (including how she bought her first house at the age of 23), how to save money on fashion and cosmetics, and films pertaining to various careers.

Hitomi Mochizuki

Hitomi Mochizuki is the vlogger you should be following if the type of films she creates is more to your liking. Her videos focus on positivity and aim to infuse your day and life with significance while also making you feel good. The lovely Mochizuki, who was born in New York and subsequently relocated to Hawaii, isn’t scared to be unusual. She delves into deeper issues such as spirituality, yoga, consciousness, sex, love, and mental health. Mochizuki was originally based in New York and later moved to Hawaii. Her point of view is not at all abstract, and you will feel a direct connection to her right away.

Gabby Whiten

Gabby is the person to turn to if you are a graduate student enrolled in a challenging STEM programme and are looking for some YouTube motivation and advice on how to achieve the best possible study-life balance while also having fun and exploring new things. Despite having fewer than 9000 subscribers at the moment, this New York City-based Ph.D. student produces films in the manner of vlogs that focus primarily on a typical day in her life as well as her trip logs around New York City. She is also endowed with a kind and welcoming demeanor, which will keep you glued to her channel.

Tanicha Rose

Tanicha promotes herself on YouTube as a beauty, fashion, and career vlogger, in addition to reviewing various products. She will instruct you on how to create a budget, the proper way to move from one apartment to another (as well as the most cost-effective method), how to decorate a small apartment or hostel room, which beauty products you should or should not use, and how to develop an effective skincare routine, among other things. The fact that you are able to search through a variety of video categories on her YouTube channel and obtain content that is tailored specifically to your current need is the feature that stands out as the most useful.

A. Lee, Amy

Amy Lee has recently rebranded herself as “Amy Lee Life Coaching,” and with over 500,000 subscribers, she is certainly not an insignificant figure. That hasn’t prevented her from being vulnerable and sharing personal details with anyone and everyone she meets through her vlog. Amy discusses difficult themes that delve deep into personal experiences, as well as enlightening topics that encompass traumatic experiences, mental health, and the importance of body positivity. In addition to that, Amy provides wonderful suggestions for podcasts, novels, and other recipes. She maintains an approachable and open dialogue with the people who have subscribed to her channel.

Lisa Onuoha

If you want to hang out in a place that has a laid-back atmosphere, Lisa Onuoha is the place to go. She has an amazing sense of style and is always willing to offer free guidance on how others might achieve the same look. You’ll immediately be able to tell how fantastic her videos are as well as how much effort she puts into making them. You will also learn about her morning ritual, how to edit photographs on Instagram, and how to give your space a glam makeover. She will teach you how she makes money through her many social platforms.

You can Obtain Anything That You Need.

It is not the easiest thing to do to locate the appropriate lifestyle video blog to subscribe to that has fewer than one million followers. Anyone under the age of 25 will be able to find what they require for themselves and what suits their preferences, even though the selection is not restricted to just these items.